Maths Summer school

This Summer from the 1st of August until the 31st of August will be running a Summer school designed for students making the step up to A-level, in need of a little boost or who just enjoy Mathematics. Book your place now!

For Students going from GCSE into As Mathematics it is essential to make a good start with potentially the hardest academic jump students will ever make. With this in mind we have tailored resources designed to help students make the conceptual leap required to get off to a flying start.

For A-level students we will be running a course that helps with the step up from AS to A2 focussing specifically on the core concepts of calculus such as maximum and minimum points, areas under curves and finding equations of tangents and normals.

For students finishing their A-levels we have a range of resources and ideas for students to explore some of the contents of their A-level further. If they are going on to study finance at University for example we will extend their knowledge of statistics and modelling processes commonly used at this level, where as an Engineering student would have more need to push the mechanics they have learnt a bit further.

If your needs are different we can cater for you. Book your place now, don't miss out!


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