One-to-one tuition and new staff members at Sheffield Private Tutors

As you know, we offer one-to-one tuition at SPT in small groups. Sometimes people are confused about how one-to-one is happening if there are other students there as well. We generally explain that students are doing work for a lot of the lesson, so that on average, the tutor gives 15-20 minutes of input. We never have more than four individuals in a tutor session, three for A-Level. We generally find that students are better at sorting out problems for themselves in this dynamic as they aren’t spoon-fed.

Sometimes I’ve been questioned on whether this model works as well for non maths/science subjects as it does for Maths and a couple of weeks ago I picked this up with Nick Hudson, our English tutor. He said that his concern with one-to-one tuition where there is only one student in the session, is that the temptation can be to ‘lecture’ the student – doing most of the talking and not pushing so much for opinions and responses from the student, or written work. He works hard to make sure that the students he has are doing work on their own during sessions to present back to him, and he’s had to learn to fill his space whilst he’s doing that…the outcome is that he knows that his students are understanding the issues and coming up with their own ideas.

Please remember that we will charge you if you don’t give us 24 hours’ notice!

Cheers, Will


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