Massimiliano (Max) Naso - Maths Tutor

 Max is a Maths tutor with a degree in IT and came to the United Kingdom from Italy in 2014. He has had a passion for Maths since he was a primary school student.

His father was a Maths teacher and founded a private tutoring centre in Milan where Max taught. Max's pupils ranged from secondary school to university students and due to the tuition given by Max the students achieved improved results in their school and undergraduate work and exams and exceeded their initial expected results. In 2001 he succeeded his father and became the manager of the school.

Max specialises in GCSE Maths, he teaches using simple words, lots of examples and stimulates students to love Maths. He also can support university and college students with their studies and course work in Maths.

Max owns, with his brother, a game shop based in Chesterfield and undertakes all the accounting work for the business. When he is not teaching or working he has a passion for 3D modelling and 3D printing. 


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